Grupo electrogeno

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  1. Nane BA Senior Member

    Spanish English (Argentina)
    Hi everyone!
    Can anyone help me translate "grupo electrogeno" into English?
    In case you don't know, it's a sort of machine that provides electricity for a short while in case of a power failure.

  2. briandemiami Member

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    US, English
    its called a generator. (power generator)
  3. malidiera Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain

    I have been looking at all the threads with "grupo electrogeno" in, but i still dont feel satisfied...
    Maybe I´m wrong and there is not a specific word in english, but I would not use generator (generador in spanish) because that is too general, we are referring to some particular generators that are installed in industries, etc. so that if there is a power failure, the electricity supply will not be interrupted.

    someone please help ;) !
  4. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Senior Member

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    Do believe us when we assure you that "generator" is the correct term in English! It may be accompanied by whatever descriptive term best suits the situation:

    portable (electric/power) generator
    temporary (electric/power) generator
    and so-on... Try Googling these and look at the images, and you'll be convinced, I assure you! :)
  5. SydLexia Senior Member

    London, EU
    UK English
    I think the word you need is "back-up": "back-up/backup generators" or "back-up power supplies". depending on whether they actually generate electricity, or just supply it for some time.

  6. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Senior Member

    Argentine Patagonia
    UK - English
    Yes, that's good too!

    If you're not a native English-speaker it's perhaps hard to get one's head around the fact that "generator" seems such a general sort of term and yet in context it's perfectly understood and indeed correct, despite covering everything from really large-scale ones to fancy little portable ones for DIY jobs - the wonders of technology and consumerism ;)
  7. minina23 New Member

    how about diesel generator? Ya que este es un generador que usa combustion interna.
  8. Loli

    Loli Senior Member

    I have seen this in English as the source language as Genset - or Generating Set, and eventually, as Power Units.
    Cheers! :)
  9. spidey1

    spidey1 Member

    "Grupo electrogeno" is translated as "generating set".
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