1. mwsander Member

    Does anyone know what this word means in english? There is an umlaut (two dots) over the second "u" in the spanish.
  2. Cecilio

    Cecilio Senior Member

    Valencia, Spain
    Spanish, Valencian/Catalan
    First of all, it would be interesting to know what this word means in Spanish. I have never seen it before. Where did you find it? In what context?
  3. _LC_ Senior Member

    We sometimes use the word "guanguis" (without the two dots) to refer to something that is loose. But it is important to mention that it is used in a very informal way.
    E.g. Esta blusa está guanga/guanguis.

    *"Guagüis" is related to dogs because of the sound they make when barking.
    * I have also heard people talking about that to make reference to something sexual.

    I hope it helps!
  4. mwsander Member

    Here is the sentence (its from Luis Zapata's novel En Jirones, which is about gay lovers): "La sexualidad brota despocada: se hace guaguis a escondidas, en los banos, junto al lavabo, mientras se ordena el menu . . ."Does this help with figuring out the context?
  5. _LC_ Senior Member

    With that context there is no doubt that this word refers to oral sex.
  6. parhuzam Senior Member

    Los Angeles,CA
    In the context... it sounds like doing "it" doggy-style. ... you can figure the rest.

    guagua.... baby talk for dog...
  7. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Yes, it´s a blow job. See here
  8. Diddy

    Diddy Senior Member

    Look what I found in a Urban Dictionary:

    1.guaguis: An amazing female. One who is loved and also beautiful, inside and out. All in all, a great person.
    Laura, you're such a guaguis.

    All I wish for is to be a guaguis.

    I know that this definition does not match with the context you gave, but this tells something about the word!
  9. yonosenada

    yonosenada Senior Member

    Southern Appalachia
    English-Southern American
    Encontré esta palabra en un cuento de Roberto Bolaño que toma lugar en Acapulco. El contexto es un club de prostitutas en la cual una de las prostitutas le pregunta al protagonista si "te hago un guagüis?" Lo que sucede despúes parece ser el acto de sexo oral.

    Una nota acerca de la gramatica: la ü en esta palabra no es ejemplo del umlaut, sino de diéresis.
    Para una explanación de la diferencia veáse: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diéresis_(signo)
  10. mexicanlove New Member

    it IS a blowjob!
    My boyfriend is Mexican, and he ask for guaguis all the time! lol
    say like Gwowees

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