1. Kanfull New Member

    Essex, England
    Essex, England - English speaking
    How silly am I?!?

    A new boyfriend text me the word "guapa" and I looked it up to translate it as "guapo" (not realising the femine/masculine rule) and come up with the word "handsome". How gutted was I? I'm female. It took a little while to work out the real meaning. Does this mean it I am going to have a hard time learning Spanish????!!!!!???

  2. CheRie Senior Member

    Español/Inglés Houston/Caracas
    You figured it out, didn't you?
    Well, I assure you that with dedication, time, and practice you will get better!
  3. Bunny Muppet

    Bunny Muppet Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Mexico, Spanish
    Not at all!!! Just remember in Spanish most of the adjectives and nouns have gender. The expression "guapa" means that you are both beautiful AND attractive :D (you know what I mean?).
    Hope it helps.

  4. WillyLandron

    WillyLandron Senior Member

    English United States
    Yes, Spanish is not a word for word code for English. We tend to look at things differently. That's okay. Even Americans look at things differently. "Are you mad?" does not mean "Are you insane?" here in the USA.

    But that's part of the fun. You'll love it. Worry not, my friend. It's actually very stimulating. I have an English friend who complains when concepts match English (like wolfman and hombre lobo). He feels he's being cheated!
  5. Kanfull New Member

    Essex, England
    Essex, England - English speaking
    This is to all the replies! How cool is this website. Literally just joined and three responses. Me gusta! Muchos gracias! :D
  6. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    Even in English, it is not uncommon to hear: "She really is a handsome woman."

    Saying it this way, I think, bestows dignity as well as beauty to the woman in question. ("Guapa" es normal, especialmente en España. Si eres guapa y maja...WOW casi lo tienes todo.)
  7. Misao

    Misao Senior Member

    back in Soria
    Zaragoza(Spain)- Spanish

    You are Sooooo right...
    For the ones who don't know the word "maja", it means "friendly" and more positive things that I just forgot how to say in English...:eek:
  8. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    guapa = cutie

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