1. Unknoewn13 Senior Member

    New Jersey
    English - American
    ¿Qué es un guardabosques? ¿Es como un "(forest) ranger?"

  2. Pinairun

    Pinairun Senior Member

    He is a forester, a forest ranger.
  3. Wamba Senior Member

    Spanish from Spain
    Puede decirse que sí.
  4. JeSuisSnob

    JeSuisSnob Moderator

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish
    También "forest keeper". Saludos.
  5. Isolde Senior Member

    Peru Spanish
    Whilst it seems that the two are the same, I think there is a difference.

    A forester is a person who practices forestry, the science and profession of managing forests. Foresters engage in a broad range of activities including timber harvesting, ecological restoration and management of protected areas. What these fields have in common is they manage terrestrial natural resource for the benefit of humans. Foresters manage forests to provide a variety of benefits for humans including direct extraction of raw material, recreation, conservation, hunting and, aesthetics, as well as the less tangible benefits such as clean air and improved water, and others.

    A Park Ranger or a Forest Ranger is a person in lead of protecting and preserving parklands. A "forest ranger" is a person typically working on a ranger district on one the 164 national forests, where they are charged with the U.S. Forest Service's conservation mission of "Caring for the Land and Serving People". Ranger is the favored term in the United States and Canada; some countries use the term park warden or game warden to describe this occupation.

    Park Ranger en castellano es Guardabosque
    Forester es ya sea ingeniero de montes o silvicultor.


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