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  1. adone New Member


    Por favor alguien me sabe decir como se designan en inglés esos lugares donde uno deja la mascota cuando se va de vacaciones??

  2. David

    David Banned

    Kennel. Some people who leave the dogs at a kennel every day when they go to work call it "doggy day care," but anybody over 12 ought to be embarrassed by such baby talk!
  3. BasedowLives

    BasedowLives Senior Member

    possiblimente, the vets? as in, the veterinarians.

    edit: yes, kennel. vet is used mainly for injuries
  4. Artrella Banned

    Un invento... pet nursery??... se puede decir nursery para otra cosa que no sea gente?
  5. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

    Tampa, Florida, USA
    USA / Native Language: English
    Pero normalmente ''kennel'' se usa solamente para perros. dice:

    Si tienes otra clase de mascota no sé donde puedes dejar la. Hmm---Acabo de buscarlo con Google y encontré algunos lugares para dejar gatos que se llama ''Cat Kennels" ''Cat Kennels" No me sorprende si se usa kennel para todos tipos de mascotas. :)
  6. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

    Tampa, Florida, USA
    USA / Native Language: English
    Sí, googleando veo que se usa pet nursery. También hay plant nurseries.. Una definición de nursery es A place in which something is produced, fostered, or developed.
  7. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

    Tampa, Florida, USA
    USA / Native Language: English
    Art, hasta hay worm nurseries para criar gusanos (para pescadores).

    Tienen guarderías gusanas en Argentina?
  8. charmedboi82 Senior Member

    USA, English
    pet nursery
    doggy daycare
    pet hotel
    pound (tambien se usa para cuando se van de vacaciones)

    There are many terms and more creative "marketing" usages. Some of the names of these businesses are quite creative. I personally prefer "doggy daycare". Some of them make the place sound like a jail or even a cheap storage facility or even a luxurious palace for your prized pooch. Ay, so many options....
  9. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    Crug Hywel
    UK English
    For cats the place is a cattery

    To my ears (and I speak as someone whose cat sleeps at the bottom of the bed each night and who spends a good 2 hours a day walking the dog) pet nursery sounds daft, ditto doggy daycare. However pet hotel is starting to be used in English English.

    You wouldn't leave your cat or dog in a pound over your holiday because this is the place pets end up if they have been found abandoned and are going to be rehoused or in some cases put down if new people don't come forward to house the abandoned dog or cat.

    Increasingly you can find dog sitting or dog walking services - people you pay to come and take your dog out for example if you will be late back from work. Someone might move in for the weekend if you are away so that they can take care of your pets although this would generally be friends and not a financial arrangement.
  10. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    Tienen guarderías gusanas en Argentina?[/QUOTE]

    En Argentina tenemos criaderos de lombrices, de gusanos no sé si hay.
  11. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

    Tampa, Florida, USA
    USA / Native Language: English
    Creo que en ''worm nurseries'' crian lombrices (earthworms). A veces ''worm'' significa ''earthworm'', pero ''worm'' es ''gusano'' y me parece que un lombriz es un tipo de gusano como ''earthworm'' es un tipo de ''worm''.

    Entonces criaderos de lombrices sería la traducción de worm nurseries.

    También me di cuenta de que según criadero puede ser kennel (para perros).
  12. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    Criadero de alevinos, criadero de pollos, criadero de conejos.
    Guardería infantil, guardería para coches, guardería para lanchas.
  13. adone New Member

    La verdad es que no conseguí ningún pet hotel como tal. Alguien me puede dar algunos links de este tipo de negocio en Florida, USA??
  14. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Lo que sucede es que en Estados Unidos se conoce este tipo de acto (por parte de los amos) y también la clase de negocio como pet boarding.

    Aquí algunos enlaces en Florida.


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