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    Title of song in movie "Collateral
  2. Eddie

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    Hello, Breckling.

    Welcome to the forum. Since you don't specify what you want, I assume you're asking for a translation: cinnamon blond.

    canelo is the Spanish equivalent of cinnamon-colored . (correction by Phryne)

    The usual word for blond is rubio.

    Source: http://images.wpz.com/opendir/images/015/41/01541405.gif

    Hope that helps.
  3. Phryne

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    Very good, Eddie! But I must say that "canela" is the correct form in Spanish. "canelo", according to DRAE, can only be used as an adjective unless you refer to a tree.
    Also, "guero" is a Mexican term. It might even mean "white person", if I'm not mistaken. I think I've heard people being called "guero/a" who were "white" but not blond.

  4. Eddie

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    Thank you, Phryne. It's a pleasure to hear from you.

    Referrring to México, I found this interesting comment based on a saying, Si eres güero no eres mexicano .

  5. Chaucer Senior Member

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    I've read the writer's complete tirade. It is interesting. Ward Connelly would love him. [Ward Connelly: black man who is against affirmative action in U.S., saying black people in the U.S. occupy the position in American society that they do, due to their own fault; while at the same time having used affirmative action to get where he is. To him, oppressed groups who hate the oppressor are racists. Funny.]

    What interesting hogwash people write. Thank you for sharing, Edwin.
  6. breckling3 New Member

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    Thanks for the help--I knew that "rubio/a" was "blond;" There was a Mexican futbol star, nicknamed "El Rubio" who played for the National team, but had never heard of
    canelo = "cinnamon blond." I hve known/been called the term "guero" as "light-skinned but thought that it was spelled w/ a "doble rr." By the way, the term is from a song by "Calexico" on the movie soundtrack "Collateral" ("Guero Canelo"). My Hondureno friends were unfamiliar with the term & I had begun to think that it was a proper name. Thanks for the help. And I concur that the tirade by the Mexican is silly--there are many persons that are light-skinned, green eyes, in Mexico--Bill
  7. duroduncan New Member

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    Although there are many light skinned people in Mexico, it seems among the lower class, who tend to have more indigenous heritage, the term guero is more common when referring to a light skinned, often upper class mexican, or even american in a negative manner. In my experience (having visted and lived for some time in mexico). There seems to be a present jealousy towards the light skinned, and even a racism against them. The same occurs towards the darker, indigenous people as well. So much discrimination! Such a crazy world we live in! jaja
  8. duranguense New Member

    Mexican Spanish

    Seems that no one has been able to help you:

    In México depending of the region there are two type of people hat are call canelos

    RUBIO CANELO: Red Haired are usually called "canelos", such as the boxer, Saul "Canelo" Álvarez
    CANELO: People from Canelas Durango

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