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Could you please explain what "guest appearance" is.

The context:
"The girl who moved to Hollywood and is already making guest appearances on a sitcom".

Thank you in advance
  • Mark1978

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    Usually as "guest star" is someone who appears in a programme only once, or at least infrequently, unlike the regulars who appear every time.


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    Guest appearance seems incongruous in this context.
    I understand guest appearance just the way Mark1978 describes.
    Wouldn't it be odd to describe someone who has just moved to Hollywood and is struggling to make her way as making guest appearances?


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    It depends, she may already be quite famous and just moved to Hollywood and thus was given guest appearances.

    However what is likely is that they are trying to make her sound good by saying she's just appeared in an episode or two in a very minor role.

    The likes of sit-coms often do have minor characters who just appear for single episodes. She might even just be an 'extra'.
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