Guest: welcoming + serving + chatting + goodbyeing = single verb?



Guest come to our home. We welcome them; serve them with good dishes; have a nice chat with them; and say good-bye to them when they leave.

I wonder, is there any single verb (or perhaps phrasal verb/idiom) to express this whole process that I've marked in italics?

Thanks a lot.

If this question seems ridiculous/nonsense to you, please forgive me...!:p
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    You entertain them, have them round to dinner [/for a meal] or, possibly, play host to them (although the latter sounds a bit too formal)
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    Guest come to our home...I wonder, is there any single verb
    As Franco-filly said, you could use "entertain". This usually refers to a planned event, with some amount of formality.
    entertain (WR dictionary): to show hospitality to:[~ + object]entertaining my parents for the weekend.[no object]We entertain on weekends.
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