1. Gitano_Moreno Member

    Cuban Spanish
    Okay, does anyone know the actual meaning of this word? I've heard it used in songs and by many of my friends. The songs were all by Puerto Rican "reggaetoneros" and all of my friends that use it are Puerto Rican. Naturally, I asked, but even they couldn't really explain in Spanish. I'm not really necessarily looking for a translation, as I speak Spanish, but an actual definition. So far, to my knowledge I think it means something to the effect of "to let loose", but I REALLY am not sure.
  2. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    "guillarse" or "se guilla", depending on the context, means to "outdo himself/herself" or "to show off"

    When they're referring to somebody being really good at something, like singing, dancing, dressing up, being flashy and so forth, they'll say "se guilla". It's like saying "he really stands out/ shines"

    It can also mean the person being referred to thinks he's great, but really isn't. In this sense it's used as a putdown, like saying the guy is "acting like a punk / an a-hole" / "he thinks he's all that, but he isn't".
  3. Gitano_Moreno Member

    Cuban Spanish
    Okay, thanks for that clarification. Siempre es un misterio para mi cuando estoy con mis amigos boricuas. El hablar de la isla del encanto verdaderamente es UNICA. =]
  4. parrotearrings Member

    USA - English
    Yo no tengo la culpa de que yo le pase por encima
    A tu mierda con mi Super Trooper 4x4
    Que los pone a botar tequila por el sobacos
    A maullar como los gatos, a darle muchos besitos a Pochaco
    A ponerse faldas cortas y a caminar en tacos
    Pa' despues estar guilla'o de caco
    Grrrrrrrrr, de caco...
    Grrrrrrrrr, de caco bien malo...
    Pero con lo mio los jalo

    por favor, ke me traduzca estos versos de la cancion cabe-c-o de calle 13 uno de uds? gracias!
  5. MelaPonton New Member

    It's not my fault, I leave them behind (I'm better than them)
    In your shit with my Super Trooper 4x4
    That makes them loose tequila through their armpits
    To meow like cats, to give many kisses to Pochaco (hello Kitty character)
    To wear short skirts and to walk in heels
    For afterwards pose like a caco (person who listens to reggaeton)
    Grrrrrrrrr of caco ...
    Grrrrrrrrr of caco, very bad ...
    But with what's mine (my flow), i pull them in.

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