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"He had his share of serious projects, but no one did guilty pleasure better than Aaron," said "7th Heaven" star Stephen Collins.

Wha is this?
  • A guilty pleasure is one that you're embarrassed to admit you like.

    I take it this line is from the tribute to TV producer Aaron Spelling at Sunday night's Emmy Awards program? Many of the shows he created, such as Charlie's Angels and Dynasty, are considered to be "lowbrow" and/or "soapy", so people fancy themselves intellectual might refer to the shows as their "guilty pleasures." :D

    A "guilty pleasure" is anything that you enjoy but would not necessarily want to admit that you enjoy, or even that you have any familiarity with.

    Many of Spelling's shows were lowbrow, classless, aimed at the lowest common denominator. Spelling himself called them "mind candy," implying that they were tasty but worthless.

    Given this, many people -- usually the intellectual and/or snobby sort -- would never admit to watching these shows. However, many did, because they enjoyed them.
    Lovely elucidation, Cayuga -- welcome to WRF!

    And for Rich's benefit, guilty pleasures can be found in many other areas of enjoyment besides TV. ;)