1. indioivan

    indioivan Member

    Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia
    Castellano Argentina
    Hola Foreros,
    I have to turn to you to help me with this word.
    It's a University subject in Social Communication.
    My guess is that it is related to scripts, (guion = scrip) but when made into a noun, it completely lost me. Script Writing, maybe?
    Thank you for you help!
  2. frida-nc

    frida-nc Moduladora

    North Carolina
    English USA
    Hi indioivan,

    If you're talking about taking a novel or book, and making a movie of it, I'm not sure we have anything shorter than "conversion to a screenplay / book-to-screenplay conversion" or, popularly, "transfer to the screen."

    But in general, scriptwriting and screenwriting, and in some cases scripting, are certainly used.

    Other suggestions welcome.
  3. stumerr Senior Member

    US English
    Script writing was my first thought too, but perhaps "adapted to a screenplay" is the meaning, like frida said.
  4. indioivan

    indioivan Member

    Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia
    Castellano Argentina
    I searched the verb "guionizar" and it produced: to script, to write the script for.
    The noun should be "scripting", as frida-nc said. (I suppose)
    Actually, the complete name of the subject was Taller de Guionizacion. So, I'm inclined to Workshop on Scripting.
    What do you think?

    Thank you guys for your time!
  5. stumerr Senior Member

    US English
    Workshop on Script Writing:tick:
    Workshop on Scriptwriting:tick:
    Workshop on Scripting:cross:

    I don't think the latter works because it is not specific enough.

    If I saw "Workshop on Scripting" I would think to myself, "okay, maybe this is about screenplays and/or theater scripts, but it's probably for writing computer code or something."
  6. indioivan

    indioivan Member

    Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia
    Castellano Argentina
    Mil gracias stumerr!
    Your contribution was great.
    Script Writing seems the best option for this case.
    Thanks again!
  7. jotamatrix Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish/English
    the term "guionizar" means turning something (an idea, an anecdote, a piece of prose or poetry, etc.) into a script. indeed, with the trend in independent cinema to play with the boundaries between documentary and fiction, the term has become a central topic, regarding for instance the "guionización" of real events in documentaries, using elements that are originally found in fiction films.
    so my intuition would be to consider your starting point.
    scripting seems to imply that your starting point is outside the script, i.e. an adaptation of sorts, whereas scriptwriting seems broader to me, so as to include scripting and other approaches, like, say, writing an original script, from scratch.

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