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    Please provide context.
    A name for what? a person? a company? a Sumatran dust mite?
    Where is it from?

    Where did you hear it?



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    Southern AE greatly modified by a 1st-generation Scottish-American mother, and growing up abroad.
    MarcB said:
    From Wikipedia:
    Robert Guiscard (from Latin Viscardus and Old French Viscart, often rendered the Resourceful, the Cunning, the Wily, or the Fox—most closely related to the archaism wiseacre) (c.10151085) was the most remarkable of the Norman adventurers who conquered Southern Italy and Sicily

    One of my alltime favorite ancestors-- you left out his surname, which was de Hauteville. He attained the dubious title Duc, which was tailored out of thin air for him-- but at the zenith of the rampage that was his life, kings and Byzantine Emperors and the Pope in Rome answered to this guy.

    Robert's father was the hero of Verdi's opera Tancredi.