Gujarati: अाओ रास खेलने के लिये


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Greetings all,

Any chance someone could help me understand how declensions would work in the following sentence in Gujarati?

अाओ रास खेलने के लिये

खेलना = રમવાનુ?
लिये = માટે

So, would this sentence be: અાવો (તમે) રાસ રમવાનુ માટે?

I'm not sure what happens to the verb in this sentence. Trying to listen to Garba and pick things up!

Cheers and happy Ashtami to everyone!
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    Disclaimer: I've got a very vague idea of Gujarati!

    ... but it as far as I know, it would be ramvaa maaTe, or ramvaa ne
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