Gujarati: "he is coming": તે આવી રહ્યો છે vs તે આવે છે


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I know that "તે આવે છે" can mean "he comes" (Hindi: वह आता है). But it is also frequently used for "he is coming" (Hindi: वह आ रहा है).

For example:
What are you doing? - તું શું કરે છે?
I'm going out for a walk - હું ફરવા જાઉં છું
I am talking to Nikhil right now - હું હમણાં નિખિલ જોડે વાત કરું છું

But I've also encountered તે આવી રહ્યો છે (which more directly maps to Hindi वह आ रहा है).

What is the difference here, between these two constructions? Are they both interchangeable (for current actions)?
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    To me, a non-native Gujarati speaker, "તે આવે છે" can mean "he comes" or "he is going to come, he is about to come" (which can often be translated as "he is coming"), whereas "તે આવી રહ્યો છે" is the literal "he is coming" (i.e., he is in the process of arrival).


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    I only have a theoretical familiarity with Gujarati. I do not speak, hear or write it, and rarely read it. Keeping that background in mind, what I have read is that forms like તે આવી રહ્યો છે are considered informal. In formal situations, they are apparently replaced by forms like તે આવે છે.