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How do you say boring in Gujarati and Hindi? Everyone in my family just says boring, but I'm curious if there's an actually Gujarati or Hindi word that means boring.

Ex: This book is so boring.
This is a boring day.
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    There actually isnt an adjective for boring (which is quite retarded) but we always use the verb form. If you wanted, for example, to say,

    "This book is boring," in Gujarati you would have to say, "In reading this book, I am becoming bored!" This is:
    "Aa chopdi/pustak vanchine hu kuntari ja-oo choo"

    "This day is boring". In Gujarati you would literally say, "Today a lot of boredom is coming to me." This is:
    "Aaje, mune evu kuntar aave chay"

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    yes. there is a proper word for boring.
    in Gujarati, use 'kantalajanak'
    in Hindi, use 'bakwas'

    if you would like to use slang, use 'pakaav' n.b. this is used in Hindi & Gujarati both.
    if you or anyone else have any such query, please feel free to ask.
    good luck to you