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I want to write letters to people in Gujarati, but I can't find any resources in re the style/format of a letter. The main things I really want to know are words/phrases which can be used to start or end a letter.

Thanks for all your help.

P.S. I would prefer any Gujarati words/phrases to be put in a Gujarati script if possible; I find it quite difficult to change words from a Latin script to Gujarati and vice versa. Thanks!
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    I know no Gujarati, but it might help if you can say a bit about what type of letter you are writing. Are you writing formally or informally? To a friend or college?

    Welcome to the forum. You really ought to contribute some Kutchi to the forum :)


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    I'm looking for both formal and informal versions. I don't have any letters in mind that I need to write, rather I just want a general sense of how to write a letter so that when I want to, I can.

    The only thing I know right now is one ending: તમર વહલ (tamara vahala). (Which I believe translates closest with 'yours affectionately'. But I'd like to learn more.


    As for contributing Kutchi, I hope I can, however I wasn't ever formally taught it, and so what I know is completely based on what feels/sounds right rather than rules of grammar. I also have quite a small vocabulary since I have used English as my primary language since I was six.


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    Try the Mrs Guji site.
    I can't include the link here because I have to post more before this forum will let me do that.
    But it's a .co .uk site if you get me.

    That site has some word processor software that is now at v2.0
    I get the idea that it will let you type script.
    Best of luck.


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    If you can tell me which are the opening and ending sentences that you want to write,
    I can translate them to Gujarati.


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    Thanks for the offer, drkpp, but my problem isn't translating words, I can do that myself. My problem is what exactly should be said; I am guessing the standard English salutations cannot be simply translated and used.


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    To know how to write letters in Gujarati, you're going to need somebody who doesn't just speak Gujarati (like me) but somebody who is/has been educated in Gujarat.

    I could ask my parents but I don't think they'll pay much attention to what I'm asking them! They'll look at me strangely..!