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In the song "Mera Murshid Khele Holi", which supposedly is a qawwali mystic poem, the author speculates about the nature of God, and plays with opposites.

The poem says that sometimes he sprinkles thorns in flowers, sometimes he smiles behind teardrops, ... and beautiful contrasting images of the like.

I reproduce the last 2 verses for context:

Some places from nights he averts sleep / Some places [in] clouds! Some places [in] rain
कहीं रातों से नींद उडाये / कही बादल कही बरखा
کہیں راتوں سے - نیند اُڑائے / کہیں بادل، کہیں برکھا

Some places he is different, some place he is (????) / Don't go on (judge him by) his appearance
कही वरखा कहीं सरखा / रूप से रूप पे ना जा उसके
کہیں وکھرا، کہیں سرخا / رُوپ سروپ پہ نہ جا اُس کے

By logic, one would think that it should an adjective that means "the same" and rhymes with "barkā" , but I can't find that exact word in dictionaries. Must be a deeply Persian word ...

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated
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    "sarkhaa" is Gujarati, and also Hindi used in rural parts (as is true for most Gujarati words). Means "equal, same, similar, uniform".