Gulf Arabic: Insist


According to Gulf Arabic dictionary, there are several words to express to insist. These are :

يصِرّ — ex. صرّ على الزواج (he insisted on getting married)
يعنّد — ex. عنّد إلي يروح وشوفها (he insisted on going to see her)
كلّب ب — ex. كلّب بي اسير/اروح وياه (he insisted I go with him)
حتّم على — ex. حتّم علي اسير/اروح وياه (he insisted I go with him)
حرّج على — ex. حرّج علينا المدير ما ندوخ جقاير في الحفيز (the manager insisted that we do not smoke in the office)

My question is, what is the most common way to express to insist on doing something? What is the nuance among these five terms? I also would like to know if they are used in other dialects especially in Najdi. Thanks!
  • Wadi Hanifa

    Senior Member
    يعنّد is used somewhat differently to mean "being stubborn/obstinate", so you would say فلان معنّد or قلنا له كذا لكنه عنّد. You wouldn't usually say فلان عنّد إلا يروح, etc.

    حرّج is used to mean putting something for sale in an auction.
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