Gulf Arabic: Passive Participle

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  1. vinyljunkie619 Senior Member

    algerian arabic/american english
    I have no problem understanding Gulf Arabic nor speaking it, but upon reading some things, I noticed I could not come up with passive participles for these classes/words

    Class 4 - a5bar
    Class 8 hollow - 7taaj
    Class 8 doubled - htamm
    Class 10 hollow - stajaab

    what would be the passive participles to these in Gulf Arabic?
  2. analeeh Senior Member

    English - UK
    As far as I'm aware, in Gulf Arabic all of these have standard MSA-style participles - mu5bar, mu7taaj, muhtamm, mustajaab, but possibly I'm being stupid?
  3. Arabic_Police_999 Banned

    hi, I'm from saudi arabia, speak gulf arabic
    I'm not sure of what you mean by class, I understood it as verb formula, anyway
    a5bara, (af3ala) I have never heard this formula being uttered in our daily life, I would rather use 5abbar and the passive participle is te5abbar
    (efta3ala) pronounced e7taaj
    ehtamma, (efta3ala) pronounced ehtam
    estajaaba, (estaf3ala) pronounced estijaab
    I have never heard the last 3 words pronounced in the passive participle, however estijaab could function as active and passive at the same time,
    (estijaabat da3weti= she accepted my invitation(active), da3weti estajaabat= my invitation was accepted(passive) in classical/standard arabic it would be( da3wati ostojeebat)in gulf arabic it is (da3weti estajaabat)
    if you give me a context or a sentence, I can help you more with these :)
  4. analeeh Senior Member

    English - UK
    Those aren't participles - participles are اسم فاعل and اسم مفعول.
  5. Arabic_Police_999 Banned

    oh, I was confused with the word class, thanks for verifying
    then it is as you said, but with slight differences
    a5bara, (af3ala) we prefere to use 5abbar and the passive participle is met5abbar
    e7taaja, (efta3ala) pronounced e7taaj: me7taaj
    ehtamma, (efta3ala) pronounced ehtam: mehtam/muhtam
    estajaaba, (estaf3ala) pronounced estijaab; mestijaab/mustajaab

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