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a squall of yowls and howls and ­gullet-ripping ­epithets— “They’ve figured out that’s him, Estevez, the teacher who assaulted one of their schoolmates about two hours ago!”
Tom Wolfe
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How it looks for the native speakers: this gullet-ripping describes a mode of producing the cry (when cry as if tears one's throat) or it describes an affect those epithets temselves make on a listener?)
  • dadane

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    To me, 'gullet-ripping' normally means in some way extremely emotive, and that is what first came to mind when I saw the thread title. A really funny joke can be 'gut-ripping' because you laugh so hard it hurts the abdomen, a 'gut-wrenching' movie is really scary for the same reason. I suspect, in this case, it may be more literal.
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