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    I found out suddenly that I sat on a seat where there is a gum and it stuck on my jeans. How can I express this situation?

    Minun farkuilla on purukummi! On se ärsyttävää. Täytyy raaputtaa/kaapia/raapia ne! (?)
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  2. akana Senior Member

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    I think you would use the -ssa ending in this case, though Finns should confirm.

    Minun farkuissa on purukumia.

    Personally, I would say something like:
    Minun farkkuihin on tarttunut purukumia.
  3. Hakro

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    The best way is to put the jeans in the deep-freezer. When the gum is frozen, it's quite easy to scrape it off.
  4. Gavril Senior Member

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    In the context of scraping gum off your clothes, how would you say that the motions of raapiminen, kaapiminen and raaputtaminen differ from each other?

  5. Hakro

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    In spoken language there's not much difference.

    If I try to analyze the words more exactly, I'd say that:

    - raapiminen usually means scratching or clawing, especially by an animal, but it can be used also ina a figurative meaning.
    - kaapiminen usually means scraping or gouging with a tool.
    - raaputtaminen usually means a slow or light work of raapiminen, often with a fingernail, and especially to erase something.

    These are the first ideas that came to my mind. I hope that other Finns would add more interpretations.

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