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  • bibliolept

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    AE, Español
    Do you mean that, as you chew gum, you would say that you have the taste of gum in your mouth? If you do, then you might say "I taste gum."

    If you work as a gum-taster in a gum factory, you could answer the question "What do you do for a living?" by saying "I taste gum."


    U.S.A., English
    If you were talking to someone about you habits with gum, however, it would make more sense to say "I chew gum two times a day" (for example) You would not say "I taste gum two times a day." :)


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    Canadian English
    Hi Dimcl. I was thinking of a piece of chewing gum. So can I say, "I taste gum."?
    "Gum" is not a flavour so it's not really something you taste. If you were eating cake, you would not say "I taste cake". You would say "I taste chocolate".

    If you were chewing peppermint-flavoured gum, you would say "I taste peppermint", not "I taste gum".
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