Guns have bad effects on society

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  1. idiomama Member

    English, Gujarati - Wales
    Hello just wondering if my translation of the sentence is okay?

    Guns have bad effects on society/guns are bad for society


    пистолеты плохие действуют на общество

    How is it? (have not been learning for very long)
  2. Wasmachien Member

    Dutch - Flanders
    guns - оружия
    bad - плохо (adverb)

    For a better analysis you're gonna have to wait for the natives....although maybe влиять is a better verb here?
  3. morbo Senior Member

    Yes, here, the word "guns" means "оружие", not "пистолеты".

    The sentence as a whole would be something along the lines of "Оружие оказывает пагубное влияние на общество / Оружие пагубно влияет на общество"
  4. Vektus

    Vektus Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    или "Оружие плохо влияет на общество", буквальный перевод тоже неплох вроде бы.

    Wasmachien, в русском слово "оружие" неисчисляемое, насколько я знаю. Нет такого слова "оружия", в именительном падеже.

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