gutterball (bowling)

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  1. youngneil

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    Hello everybody!

    I am trying to translate this bowling term into French.

    As explained in another thread, "a gutterball is when the ball ends up right in the gutter without hitting any pins."

    I have found the term "pneu" on one website, but I would like a confirmation from the bowling players of this community (one website only makes me doubt) !

    Thank you!
  2. wildan1

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    Une boule dans le dalot is what they say in Canada--not sure if that translates the same way into European French.

  3. Kecha Senior Member

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    En France on parle plus couramment des "gouttières".
  4. youngneil

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    French (France)
    Thank you both.

    "Dalot" au Canada, "gouttière" en France...and I have found yet another website where they use "rigole" ! Where could they be from ?! :D

    It does not really answer my question, but we are moving forward...

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