guy with a double identity?

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I've talked an American man yesterday in a gathering. He said that
he had double identity and he lived with his mom.
And he said, "To paraphrase another guy with a double identity,
with great beauty comes great responsibility."
And everybody laughed not me(I don't understand the joke).

Who is this 'another guy with a double identity' have said,
"great beauty comes great responsibility"?
  • cropje_jnr

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    The quote he gave is attributed to Spiderman, who is a comic book superhero character. Like most superheros (Batman, Superman, etc.), Spiderman has an alter-ego (i.e. double identity) - his superhero identity (Spiderman) and his day-to-day identity (Peter Parker).


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    :) Hi,

    To give my humble opinion, the guy with a double identity would be the comics superhero, Superman. His words must have been modifeid, I think the super hero believes that with great power comes great responsibility.

    Hope this helps,

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