gym vocabulary "hit it hard bro/ hit your training hard dude"

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Hi people,
I am new here and I have a question related to the gym environment. Imagine, there is some situation that you meet a friend at the gym and after short talk you want to wish him "have a hard training."
Is it possible to say smtg like "hit it hard bro/ hit your training hard dude" or smtg similar with usage of the verb HIT? Perhaps it sounds odd, but I am very curious about it. If so, could you give me some alternative way to say it in informal way please?

PS. I know it exists H.I.I.T, it's just different type of training though, which is out of my question.

Thank you very much for any advice
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    You might say "have a good workout," though that's hardly inspired or inspired. People do "hit the gym hard" and more specifically "hit the weights hard."
    I think you would be safe saying "train hard, dude."


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    We used to "blitz our legs (or arms or back, etc.)"

    I was a member of a gym from the time I was 18 until I was 65. I am struggling to remember if anyone ever said, "Have a good workout" or anything to that effect. I cannot recall that was ever said.

    Much of gym etiquette went by the wayside once people started listening to their IPods and IPhones during a workout in place of having conversations.

    I do recall saying, "It's Thursday; Thursdays are legs and back and today is a heavy day." (I had "heavy" days and "light" which referred to the poundages used in the exercises.)
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