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Estoy leyendo una ficha técnica sobre un anticuerpo. Me gustaría saber la expresión al español del término “gyn.”. Parece que tuviera que ver con algo ginecológico, pero no estoy seguro. Gracias:

“PHH3 serves as a mitotic marker to separate mitotic figures from apoptotic bodies and karyorrhectic debris, which is very useful tool in diagnosis of tumor grades, especially in CNS, gyn., soft tissue, and GIST.”

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    Refiere a tumores ginecológicos, en este caso. GYN, usually written in caps, is a common abbreviation for gynecology, but in this case they are using it as an adjective to modify the understood word tumors, and, of course, to mean tumors of the female reproductive system. It's not a particularly well-written sentence, but it's understandable.