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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Meto, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Meto Member

    a gyp in heat

    What breed of dog is a gyp? Or is it just any bitch?

    Thank you.
  2. fauxdefafa

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    I have to admit I've never heard gyp used that way, only as a verb, or as short for Gypsy. But I am not familiar with dogs, so I can't say.
  3. sdgraham

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    I've never heard the expression, but the FCI (Féderacion Cynologique Internationale) lists almost every breed at

    Your lack of context, i.e. whether you read it or heard it (always a risky thing to assume how it is written) and where.

    My speculation is that you misheard "bitch" or it's some local variation thereof.
  4. Loob

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    The OED defines gyp simply as a bitch, labelling it "U.S." and speculating, as regards its etymology, that it might be
    Here are the three citations given:
  5. Meto Member

    Thank you very much!!
  6. jprice1011 New Member

    A gyp is a female dog, specifically one that has not yet had puppies. Used similarly to heifer when referring to a cow that hasn't calved.
  7. JIFFYE New Member

    A "gyp" is a bitch that is old enough but has not been bread yet
  8. sdgraham

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    An interesting comment to this old thread on a very obscure reference, especially since I'm having a hard time picturing somebody stuffing "bread" into a dog. :D

    (The past participle of breed is "bred.")
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  9. JIFFYE New Member

    Spell. Check sorry

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