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    Hello everybody,
    Who can help me to find what is "gypsy death"?
    It is the title of a song by The Kills, and also part of Lou Reed song Run Run Run, both are : "Gypsy death and you."
    Could it be the equivalent of french La Faucheuse ? ie a name for death?
    Merci d'avance
  2. mgarizona

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    I would assume that "Lou" was just declaring Death to be a gypsy, a wanderer, unwelcome, untrusted, who must, like "you," "run, run, run, run, run."

    You (plural) gotta run. Who has to run? Gypsy Death and you (both).
  3. Dandy Lion New Member

    great question, I have always loved that term, I think Mgarizona's answer nailed it, there is a fantastic new band that goes by the name of "Gypsy Death Star", best group name I've ever heard-
  4. Flamstrosity New Member

    I was actually looking into this term in reference to the velvet underground song "run, run, run". After finding this forum, I found a link(that after taking the time to copy, on my phone was not allowed to post) that seems to make sense . It states that gypsies see death as a senseless, unnatural occurrence, that should anger those who died. I have always interpreted the song to be about drug usage(obviously), and running from your demons in a vain effort to reach some sort of peace. The irony is that the subjects of the song are creating their own hell. Some of whom die. Beardless Harry-what a waste-couldn't even get small town taste-rode the trolley down to 47tth- figured he was good-get himself to heaven.
  5. tengu23 New Member

    it's 60s slang for a drug overdose.
  6. auptitgallo Senior Member

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    On this site: http://www.lacoccinelle.net/291709.html, you will find the following:
    Paroles et traduction de «Gypsy Death & You»

    Gypsy Death & You (La mort gitane et toi)

    "Gypsy Death" signifie mourir d'un overdose. Le terme nous est connu grâce à la chanson Run Run Run du Velvet Underground. Le Kills s'en sont sûrement inspirés (Ils reconnaissent être fans du Velvet)
    La chanson parle d'une femme qui s'enfonce petit à petit dans la drogue pour oublier une rupture. Elle ne veut plus voir le garçon, ne répond plus à ses appels.

    A translation follows.

    You might also find this page from The Urban Dictionary interesting, for other phrases including 'gypsy': http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Gypsy Dog
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