hábitos tóxicos

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  1. talala Senior Member

    Hi everyone,

    How would you translate "hábitos tóxicos" que uno tiene? into english??

    I would guess it refers to smoking and drinking alcohol, is that it?
  2. lykkel

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    Santa Marta
    Spanish - Colombia
    The toxic habits are the frequent consumption of some harmful substance for the health and that turns out to be sometimes difficult to overcome, in spite of to have knowledge of the danger that its use causes. The alcohol and the tobacco are natural and not medical substances although legal, these when they are consumed produce some effect on the nervous system of the human and determine also tolerance and dependency as well as different harmful actions that they can affect to the health in the psychic, mental and social aspects.... SO ACCORDING TO THE DEFINITION YOU'RE RIGHT!
  3. Onimac

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    Aqui he oido a mucha gente que dentro del contexto los llaman 'bad habits'.

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