H.d.d.U. (abbreviation)

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This comes at the end of a piece of quoted legislature, which is followed by

"(a.a.O., Rn. 3, H.d.d.U.)

I can't think what the H.d.d.U. would stand for......any ideas please?
  • jgrabner

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    example: https://dav-migrationsrecht.de/page/download/file/0_47845300_1403904631s.pdf , footnote 15

    Hervorhebung durch den Unterzeichner. The autor cites a court decision and highlights a couple of words, hence it should say Hervorhebung durch den Verfasser, H.d.d.V. The term Hervorhebung durch den Unterzeichner is also sometimes/rarely used by lawyers when writing and signing an opinion piece, e.g. OLG Köln zu Darlehensverträgen: Angabe des effektiven Jahreszinses ist Pflichtangabe. Rare though.
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