Ha sido un partido duro


I'm writing with a question about the past tenses, if I understand it now, I won't spam this forum anymore :D
Some time ago I saw an interview with Real Madrid's player. He said something like:

Ha sido un partido duro

Why did he use the present perfect tense here? Shouldn't it be imperfecto used there? It's a description.
I don't get it :( :mad:

  • So if the action is finished we use the preterite.
    When we describe an action that's going on in our story, we use the imperfect.

    Mis vacaciones fueron increíbles
    Cuando era niño, jugaba futbol.

    So that's the first thing.
    The second thing is: could you tell me if I'm thinking right?

    Leí un libro ayer - I finished the book, what means I've read all the pages, 100 of 100
    Leía un libro ayer - I started reading the book, but I didn't finish it, I didn't read all the pages

    That's how it works in Polish, my native language. Does it work like this in Spanish?


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    The match, even though is "finished," is still very much in the mind of the speaker, which is why he says "ha sido." He could have said "fue un partido duro," focusing on the fact that the match is over. And, yes, you can use the imperfect to focus on a description of the match as it was being played. So, these are all stylistic choices, depending on how the speaker's perspective of the match.
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