ha superato l'esame di laurea in...

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  1. DrCooper New Member

    Hi there, it's my first add. I'm traslating my laurea certificate 'cause I need a statement of comparability.

    I've got two sentences:

    1) "ha superato l'esame di laurea in Fisica, riportando punti.."

    I put down "passed the exam for 'Laurea' in Physics, receiving the score "

    but I guess it's a bit naive..

    2) "e' Dottore Magistrale in Fisica indirizzo teorico generale"

    I'd use "is Dottore Magistrale in Physics, Theoretical curriculum"..

    of course I don't have to translate the specific terms laurea and Dottore Magistrale, since it's a task of their.

  2. AlabamaBoy

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    American English
    (1) Successfully completed the exam for a degree in Physics, and received a passing score.
    (2) Holds a Doctorate (Degree) in Theoretical Physics
  3. DrCooper New Member

    thanks for the answer!! Anyway I think there's a problem with Italian Education. In Italy you hold the title of 'Dottore' even after taking a master degree, not only after a PhD. So is there a title that qualify you after being awarded of a M.Sc. ? Can I say "I'm Master of Physics"?
  4. AlabamaBoy

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    You can say "I am a Master of Physics" but it sounds a little pretentious. I would say: "I hold/have a Masters (Master of Science) Degree in Physics."
  5. mutsil Member

    Italian (Italy)
    Salve a tutti devo tradurre "ha superato l'esame di laurea in scienze biologiche con la votazione di 110/110 e lode"
    Io tradurrrei: She has passed the examination fpr the master of science degree in biological science with first class honours.
  6. CZac Senior Member

    She has passed the exam in Biological Science with a score of 110/110 and graduated summa cum laude.

    Nota bene che l'esame di laurea per il primo livello nell'Italia è uguale a un Bachelor's degree negli Stati Uniti è la maggior parte dei paesi anglofoni. Anche nota che il sistema di lode italiana non è uguale al sistema di lode in qualcuno paese e ogni università ha un sistema diverso di lode. Di solito una votazione di 110/110 è uguale a summa cum laude, ma non sempre.
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  7. mutsil Member

    Italian (Italy)
    Ti ringrazio, comunque io ho una laurea di secondo livello, nei paesi anglosassoni penso che sia un master of science o un master degree. Che cosa ne pensi?
  8. AlabamaBoy

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    @mutsil: Please see this thread.
    Laurea triennale, laurea specialistica, master, dottorato.

    At the end, PaulfromItaly has added a lot of links. Hopefully this thread explains degrees - I tried very hard to do the research necessary. Please note that there are differences between Australia, the UK, and the USA below the level of doctorate. Most people with a Masters Degree or a Bachelor's degree from Europe when coming to the USA must complete a Masters Degree or Bachelor's degree again before entering a PhD program.

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