Haben Sie den Turnschuh gefunden?


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It is a police series, where the murderer asks the policeman on the phone:

Haben Sie den Turnschuh gefunden?

seems like a provocation.
  • There is not enough context to confirm or reject that it is a provocation. It definitely may be.
    It might also be a trap or part of trying to construct an alibi - or something else.
    In english, the líne is like:
    Do you found the basketball?

    But doesn't have sense.
    This is strange, indeed.
    "Turnschuh" is "sneaker".
    In German it is in the past.

    Did you find the sneaker?

    In German spoken language ist is usually "Haben Sie ihn gefunden?" if it is something which happened in the past.
    In written language the "Präteritum" form is used, if it does not show spoken language.
    Example: Er fand den Turnschuh. (story telling style)
    "Haben Sie den Turnschuh gefunden?" (Question, style of spoken language).

    The time systems in English and German are rather different.
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