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'L'integration contribuera également à leur habilitation en tant qu'intervenants de développement sur le plan national.' On parle de l'habilitation du personnel.

je ne trouve pas que les mots proposés dans le dic satisfaient.
  • For reference, having looked up the english definition of capacitation, it seems the term has shifted slightly to the more often used 'capacity building' a practice of enhancing skills and giving training esp. in terms of NGO employees or beneficiaries of NGO projects.
    thanks to all
    Hello there,

    could anybody give me a hand or a suggestion on the meaning of the word habilitation in context of electricity, i.e. low or high voltage?

    e.g. Les habilitations du personnel BT (basse tension) OR
    Préparation à l'habilitation électrique

    I'm open to all suggestions.

    Thank you in advance
    Hello spoiledbrat!
    Looks like nobody gave you any help with this. Sorry about that. I would suggest:
    "accreditations" or "qualifications" for "habilitation" in this context. I.e., the qualifications that they must have to carry out this work.

    Better late than never ;)
    Bonjour je suis entrain de traduire un cv vers l' anglais.. comment traduire "habilitation" si on parle de habilitation BOV B1V etc?

    I (...) think they are qualifications to do with certain technoligical elements in computing systems..
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    This is a software company responding to an RFP (Request for Product/Proposal) this part of which relates to "Gestion des Habilitations". Normally I'd think of this as "access management" but the doc has a separate section relating to "Gestion des Accès" so clearly the author has a different category in mind. Although I have a lot of IT background I'm stumped here. Is this referring to "Role-based access? If so, there are clearer ways in French to say this. Any ideas anyone :) ?
    "habilitations" refers to the different types of accesses : like "user" or "administration" etc..., so there are different "habilitations" (authorizations), different levels.