hablar a espaldas de alguien

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  1. Anto7857 New Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    I want to know if this sentence is okay .

    Once Ihad to apologise a friend for talking at her backs

    quiero decir que una vez tuve que disculparme con una amiga por hablar a sus espaldas
  2. chicanul Senior Member

    "to a friend for talking behind her back."

    By the way, I don't believe it is possible to use "urgent" in your post titles...
  3. Anto7857 New Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    thanks !
    Sorry .Iam new at this page and I don't understand all .
    Thanks Again!
  4. NewdestinyX

    NewdestinyX Senior Member

    PA, USA|Do work in Spain
    American English
    "Once I had to apologize to a friend for talking behind her back."

    "Hablar a sus espaldas" no se puede traducir a inglés directamente. Se tiene que decir - "Talk behind her/his back" (hablar detrás de su espalda {singular}).

    Disculparse con alguien = to apologize to someone

  5. Adoser Member

    hola a todos/as
    Como podría decir por ejemplo, "no soporto que hablen a mis espaldas", sin tener que decir criticar hay alguna expresión usada en inglés para esto?.

    Un saludo ;)
  6. almufadado

    almufadado Senior Member

    Português de Portugal
    "I do not like people talking behind my back".

    Soft - "They are up to something/to no good ! They have been talking behind my back all afternoon !"

    Harsh - "I am still the manager here! If someone has something to say, say it to me to my face, now ! I will not tolerate you all going (talking) behind my back !"

    Politeness - "It's surely bad manners to go talking behind one's back, even more if the person is in the room"
  7. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    I don't put up with people talking (about me) behind my back.
  8. Adoser Member

    I thank your help guys :)
  9. Quillaray Senior Member

    Berkeley, California
    English, USA - Español, Chile
    I can't stand people talking behind my back.

    That's another option, very common.

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