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  1. vince Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Hi everyone, in English we can say both "Are you speaking in English?" and "Are you speaking English?"

    How about in Spanish?

    Are both "estas hablando en ingles" and "estas hablando ingles" acceptable?

    perdonen la ausencia de los acentos.
  2. mhp Senior Member

    American English
  3. Rayines

    Rayines Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Ambas son correctas, como dice mhp, expresadas de esa manera.
    Pero habría otra forma de decirlo en que se marca una diferencia:
    1) Hablo inglés: significa que aprendí esa lengua, y sé hablarla.
    2) Hablo en inglés: se puede refierir también a una situación más puntual. ("Hablo en inglés para que me entiendas").
  4. Ms Missy Senior Member

    U.S. Virgin Islands
    USA English
    Re: Hi everyone, in English we can say both "Are you speaking in English?" and "Are you speaking English?"

    hmmm ... it seems rather odd that a native English speaker would have occasion to ask someone if they were speaking English! Wouldn't it be obvious? I'm probably missing the point of the inquiry, but for now it appears synonymous to asking, 'Is this written in English?" (i.e., Can't you tell by just looking or hearing whether or not something is in English)? :confused:
  5. mochilero

    mochilero Senior Member

    UK English
    Ms Missy, I think Vince was more interested in what was grammatically correct, but there is such a wide variety of accents in this small country of ours that it's not that unusual a question. Perhaps it's the same in Canada. :)
  6. vince Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Imagine someone speaking using an excessively large amount of regional slang.

    mochilero, Canada does not really have many regional accents. All Canadian accents except Newfoundland English are very close to General American / Midwestern English with the exception of one or two vowels. In fact almost all of the slang used in Canada is North American-wide in scope. I guess I might ask "Are you speaking in English?" to someone from the Southern / Northeastern U.S. or from the UK where they have a lot of regional dialect diversity.
  7. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    Imagine yourself listening to someone speaking English similar to the link that I provided in post #2. Wouldn't you ask that question?
  8. gdmarcus Senior Member

    California, USA
    English, USA
    MHP, the video clip in that link is hysterical!

    Ms Missy, I teach English. There are times when I have to ask my students whether they are speaking English or Spanish because, like in the link in post #2, they are speaking English with an impenetrable Spanish accent. It's always an embarrassing moment for everyone!

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