hablar hasta por los codos

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  1. amorypaz Member

    English - USA
    !Hola tod@s!

    ¿Como se traducir la frase "hablar hasta por los codos" en ingles? Me parece un modismo que significa "talk a lot" o algo así.

  2. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    Yes, it means "talk your ears off." I think it should be either "por" or "hasta" but not both.
  3. Mate

    Mate Senior Member

    Castellano - Argentina
    Buenas noches:

    La frase de amorypaz es correcta: hablar hasta por los codos (hablar por demás).

  4. amorypaz Member

    English - USA
    muchas gracias :)
  5. uspantan Senior Member

    English - US
    Agree with "talk your ears off." The expression given by the OP was the exact expression I was taught in a text book, many years ago.
  6. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    It seems like a hybrid, but if it's correct then so be it.
  7. Fundora2009 Member

    Spanish and English
    to talk till/to a blue streak.... I saw this phrase once in a bilingual dictionary and it meant something like Hablar hasta por los codos, but I don't remeber the preposition very well. I think it is till.
  8. pubman Senior Member

    I have heard "Talk til your blue in the face" but never "blue streak"
  9. ACQM

    ACQM Senior Member

    Manresa (Barcelona)
    Spain - Spanish
    It can be "hasta por" or just "por" but not just "hasta"

    "Hablar hasta por los codos"
    "Hablar por los codos"
  10. PACOALADROQUE Senior Member

    El Puerto de Santa María (CÁDIZ-ESPAÑA)
    Un retoque a tu frase en español:
    - ¿Cómo traducir (sin "se")...inglés?
    ¿Cómo se traduce...?

  11. albertovidal

    albertovidal Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Also "to talk one's head off", "to be a chatterbox", "to talk nineteen to the dozen"
  12. roanheads Senior Member

    Scotland, english
    "To talk non-stop"
  13. Alisterio

    Alisterio Senior Member

    Mexico City
    UK English
    Ese hombre habla hasta por los codos = That man could talk the hind legs off a donkey / That man never shuts up
  14. Paul Clancy Senior Member

    Ireland, English
    Yes these are what come to mind immediately for me anyway
  15. EddieZumac

    EddieZumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    You can say "He talks a blue streak".
  16. pubman Senior Member

    Maybe this is common elsewhere in the English speaking world but I have never heard it in the UK and I don't think it would be understood here.
  17. EddieZumac

    EddieZumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    I think it's an American expression.

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