hablar más bajo


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Hi guys, how can I say in English. ¿Puedes hablar mas bajo?

Could you speak more softly?

The context is e.g I´m a teacher and I´m teaching some students in the classroom, but outside there are some people speaking very loudly. So how can I say could you down your volume? I don´t know how to say that. Please help!
  • jedi5384

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    I don't think we'd say "speak more softly/quietly". There are couple of ways to say it, but if you want to be fairly polite I'd say "Can you keep it down?"


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    Hmm, you're right, I just don't think it's something I personally would say. I think if wanted to be really polite I'd say something like "Sorry but could you please be a little quieter?"


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    "Could you please lower your voices?"

    Or, super polite: "Would it be possible for you to lower your voices?"

    Maybe also to explain why: "Could you please lower your voices? There's a class going on in here." And then add, with a smile, "Thank you!"
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