Habt acht, Halt wer da, Oberst (German military command)

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    The Hungarian soldiers of the K.u.K. army distorted the Gemnan command words.
    Habt acht => Hapták,
    Halt wer da = alberdó,
    Oberst => óbester.

    Can you write me corresponding Czeh words?
  2. As far as I remember from reading Hašek's Švejk where there is a whole lot of terms like this:

    'Habt acht' was 'hapták' in Czech as well and I think it was used as a noun too (e. g. Dát někoho do haptáku - To have someone stand in 'Habt acht' position).
    I can't recall seeing any colloquial term for 'Halt wer da' other than the regular 'Stůj kdo tam'.
    'Oberst' was 'óbrst' or even 'óbršt'.

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