hacemos algun dia suelto

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  1. China Girl Senior Member

    This phrase appears in a personal letter written by a male. He is discussing the difference between 2 different gyms he has been to.

    "Las pesas ya son historia. Aqui hay algun maquina de pesas tambien pero hacemos algun dia suelto."

    My translation so far is "The weights are already history. There are some weight machines here but ???". I am unclear as to whether this is a reference to loose weights in comparison to a machine or if the meaning is that he does the weights just when he feels like it.
  2. phantom2007 Senior Member

    spain, Spanish
    It means the activity is not regular it can happen "now and then"
  3. auxilio! Senior Member

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    I can't help much with translation of the idiom of the thread-title, though día suelto suggests to me that free day might be worthy of consideration as a part of it - or not.

    Yo traduciría Las pesas ya son historia as Weights are a thing of the past.

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