hacer la sobremesa

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    What does "hacer la sobremesa" mean in English? It is being used to talk about preparing a dinner for friends.
  2. Chaucer Senior Member

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    This should help:
    Unless the context specifies the meal, "hacer la sobremesa" used by itself usually means to:
    to have an after-dinner conversation
    to have an after-dinner chat
    to have a post-dinner conversation
    to have a post-dinner chat

    Ej. Los domingo solemos hacer la sobremesa fumando puros y bebiendo vino.
    On Sundays we usually have an after-dinner conversation smoking cigars and drinking wine.

    The surrounding text or context may eliminate dinner as the meal and yet "hacer la sobremesa" by itself may be used, then it could mean:
    to have an after-meal chat
    to chat after-meal

    Implicitly through context or explicitly stated "hacer la sobremesa" can be any meal:
    hacer la sobremesa del almuerzo
    to have an after-lunch chat/conversation

    hacer la sobremesa del desayuno
    to have an after-breakfast chat

    to have and after-breakfast conversation
    to chat after breakfast
    to converse/have a conversation after breakfast

    almorzar y hacer la sobremesa
    to have breakfast and have an after-meal conversation

    Literally, "hacer la sobremesa" means "to do the tablecloth", a cleared "tablecloth" after a meal, and implies sitting around the tablecloth chatting/conversing.
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    Hacer la sobremesa = have after-dinner conversation. It can be at the dining table or in the living room or terrace. The location is not important, but the company is. :)

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