hacer pereza - stay in bed - bed around

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    Is there an expression in English for "hacer pereza"? We use it in Colombia for example when you wake up on Sunday but you just feel like staying in bed and watching TV, reading a newspaper, or sth but not sleeping.

    I woke up lazy this morning so I didn't get up right away. I "hice pereza" for 5 minutes and then I got up.
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  2. Roger Slater Senior Member

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    I can't think of an expression that conveys this thought exactly. You might try something like "I just lounged around for 5 minutes ..." or "I just loafed for 5 minutes..." Or "dawdled" or "dallied" or "lazed about" or even "vegged out" perhaps. I like the Spanish expression better than these.
  3. gengo

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    I'm not sure I understand what you wrote above, but in general we use the following.

    If you wake up and decide not to get up, and instead sleep some more, we say "I went back to sleep (for 5 minutes)."

    If you wake up and decide not to get up, but stay awake, we might say "I lay in bed (for 5 minutes) after I woke up." Or, "I lounged in bed (for 5 minutes) this morning."

    If you intentionally sleep later than usual (such as on a Sunday), we say "I slept in (until 10:00) this morning."

    If you unintentionally sleep later than usual (such as on a work day), we say "I overslept this morning."
  4. pomao1977 Member

    Thank you guys!
    Lounge around was what I was going for!
    Sorry if I mixed you up Roger. I really appreciate your help guys!
  5. pomao1977 Member

    I am so sorry Roger. I just realized I had omitted a couple of words that I just edited. You may want to read again. Still, you helped me solve problem!
  6. gengo

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    Here is what I am guessing you meant to say.

    Is that right?
  7. pomao1977 Member

    Hey gengo,
    Thanks a million dude! I promise I will never type again if I am in a hurry. What a reckless thread I started. Thanks for the correction!

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