1. gizzacroggy Member


    I am struggling to come up with a suitable phrase for this.

    Normally in english we say ´the police set him/her/them up´ but in this case the subject of the set up is not known.

    "they planned to do a set up"

    This sounds bad in english - any suggestions?
  2. galesa Senior Member

    english wales
    I think it's calle "a sting", await confirmation
  3. gizzacroggy Member

    Thanks for suggestions but it is with the verb I am stuck.

    In english you can´t "do a set up" or at least it doesn´t sound correct to me.

    What verb would you suggest?
  4. galesa Senior Member

    english wales
    the police set up a sting operation
  5. gizzacroggy Member

    A sting operation is a particular type of set up

    A sting operation is a form of entrapment "designed to catch a person committing a crime".

    I think this is a little different to planting false evidence.

    The context is that the Colombian army planned to plant 3 guns in the car of an indigenous leader they murdered to give them the excuse for the killing, but they weren´t able to as the guy managed to get away while injured.

    So perhaps fabricate the evidence or falsify the evidence?
  6. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    colocación/implantación de falsa evidencia.

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