1. Humphrey Bogart Member

    Spanish (Spain) (Andalusia)
    ¿Cómo se diría en inglés el regate futbolístico "hacer un sombrerito"? Un abrazo.
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  2. scamper Senior Member

    Huesca, Spain

    The links provided by LuciaV are very useful but football commentators never say to "make a hat" in English.

    The Guardian article is about phrases in other languages that have no direct translation in English.

    According to my football-mad husband the move would simply be called a "flick" or a "flickover"
  3. LucíaV Senior Member

    Spanish Spain
    Thanks a lot, scamper. The fact is that it sounded a little weird to me. Regards.
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  4. scamper Senior Member

    Huesca, Spain
    I listen to sooooo much football so it sounded weird to me too! The articles were super interesting though...

  5. srta chicken

    srta chicken Senior Member

    US English
    I heard my students mention a "hat trick"--is that the same thing?

    Sorry, the only thing I know about soccer is that the guys are so cute. :)

    (O ¿te estás refiriendo al fútbol americano?)
  6. Humphrey Bogart Member

    Spanish (Spain) (Andalusia)
    Miss Chicken I'm talking about what you Americans called "soccer". Hat trick means that a soccer player scored three goals during a match. Traditionally such player keeps the ball after the match as a souvenir. Thanks for your collaboration!
  7. SydLexia Senior Member

    London, EU
    UK English
    Regarding the original 'hat', I would say that the player was "chipping the goalkeeper".

    It is the same 'chip' as in golf when the ball is lofted high but the forward distance is relatively short.

  8. scamper Senior Member

    Huesca, Spain
    Hey Sid, chipping the goalkeeper sounds good to me too. Nice one.
  9. Oliver166

    Oliver166 New Member

    ¿Hola, qué tal? Tengo una duda, ¿cómo se le dice a la jugada de fútbol comúnmente llamada sombrerito en inglés?

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  10. bacchebenevenies

    bacchebenevenies Senior Member

    Español (Argentina)
    Je, acá en Buenos Aires se le dice "bicicleta". Pero ojo, porque también le decimos bicicleta a la finta que consiste en hacer girar los pies alrededor de la pelota sin tocarla. Saludos.
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