Hacer una llamada perdida

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  1. Pablete Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    "Cuando llegue te haré una llamada perdida (con el móvil)"

    How to say that in English?

    "When I arrive I will give you a missed call (with the mobile phone)" (?)
    "When I arrive I will make you a missed call (with the mobile phone)" (?)
    "When I arrive I will do to you a missed call (with the mobile phone)" (?)

    Thank you.
  2. Dudu678

    Dudu678 Senior Member

    Español (España)
    ¿Quizá con leave?

    Porque realmente no la das ni la haces, sino que la dejas en el teléfono.

    Esperemos otras respuestas.

  3. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    I think what it means is:

    When I arrive, I'll call you from my cell, but don't answer it. It's just to let you know that I've arrived. :)
  4. Pablete Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Thank you MHP, but doesn´t it exist a shortest way to say it? Maybe it is no so common as here to send (another way it has ocurred to me) missed calls in the US...
  5. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    I really don't know of any short way of saying. And you are right, at least in US, it is not commom to make a "lost call".
  6. Lagartija

    Lagartija Senior Member

    Western Massachusetts
    English, USA
    No, we *always* answer the phone :D:p

    "When I call you, don't answer!" is as short as it can get unless this technique is familiar to the person you are calling.;)
  7. Pablete Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    You are very polite, cause you always answer the phone, hehe. :)

    Thank you guys.
  8. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    No it's not that, it's that we just have more money :D
  9. Lagartija

    Lagartija Senior Member

    Western Massachusetts
    English, USA

    And we feel **compelled** to obey the commands of our electronic gear!!!:D
  10. Pablete Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Or it´s maybe because the person who calls pays the call.
  11. loumorena New Member

    English, UK
    in england we call a 'llamada perdida' a 'drop call' i don't have a clue why, i was talking to my spanish friend about it and it took ages for her to try and explain to me what a llamada perdida was, anyway this is the shortest way to say it, i think :)

    hope this helps

  12. NauS

    NauS Senior Member

    Español, España
    I use "prank me" or "miss call me", the first one is more colloquial.
    I hope that helps!
  13. NauS

    NauS Senior Member

    Español, España
    Oh, sorry, I forgot the senteces:

    When I arrive I will prank you, miss call you, give you a ring (Im not sure about the last one).

    De todas formas una llamada perdida no tiene la misma intención que aquí. En España puede significar cualquier cosa (llámame, me acuerdo de tí, he llegado a casa, te estoy esperando...) pero me parece que, en Gran Bretaña al menos, es más extraño. Piensan que se ha cortado la llamada y te llaman a tí y cosas así. :D
  14. loumorena New Member

    English, UK
    yeah i say 'prank me' sometimes too
  15. loumorena New Member

    English, UK
    so the sentence could be
    "when i arrive i will drop call you"
  16. elyod New Member

    Holland english

    Interesting discussion above.

    Can't say I have ever heard of this concept. I guess this is a cultural difference rather than a language one. Normally I would send an SMS
    message if I wanted to save money or not disturb the recipient.

    None of the English translations above such as "prank me" meant
    anything to me so if you want to say it to an English speaking person
    you will probably have to explain the whole concept first! Easier
    to SMS!

    Anyway, the reason I looked up this forum was to find out how to
    say "I missed your call". Is "he perdido tu llamada" correct? I guess
    I should maybe open a new thread?
  17. boop Senior Member

    im with lomourena.
    I'll drop call you, colloquial london english
  18. boop Senior Member

    prank call is different
    thats when you ring someone up with the intention of playing a trick on them....look up prank
  19. elyod New Member

    Holland english
    Gramattically though you cannot say "prank me" as above or
    "miss call me". You should say "make a prank call" or someone could
    say that he has received a "prank call" from "a prank caller".

    Anyway, a "missed call" is really a call that you did not answer but
    I at least have never heard the London colloquial version of using
    the verb form to "miss call" someone.
  20. boop Senior Member

    thats what i was saying, but didnt mention the grammatical usage
    i was adding on to my post about drop call bein the appropriate term
  21. ghoti

    ghoti Senior Member

    English USA
    Yeah, and we always answer, no matter what else is going on, because we are convinced we are so important, and the way we show that is by being so in demand and "popular" that we have to answer every call. (The house is on fire? It will just have to wait. Someone wants to get in touch with meeee!)
  22. jazlynn711 Senior Member

    United States of America
    U.S.- English
    How about "I'll ring you"? Like.. you call.. and you let it ring, but then you hang up before the other person gets a chance to answer.
  23. vy222 Member

    I always say "when I arrive I'll miss call you" or "I'll give you a miss call"
  24. boop Senior Member

    I'll give you a missed call
  25. i heart queso Senior Member

    San Francisco, California
    English, Canada
    For "llamada perdida" we say "missed call", but to me it sounds extremely strange to say "I'll give you a missed call". However we don't have a better way to say it (except for "toque" of course haha) because for me at least, this concept didn't exist before coming to Spain...
  26. zebedee

    zebedee Senior Member

    Valencia - Spain
    Gt. Britain - English

    Yes, you can say He perdido tu llamada.
    Or when you call back you say: Hola, tengo una llamada perdida tuya.

    Welcome to the forums!
  27. koiver Member

    Nobody in Spain says "He perdido tu llamada" ??¿

    It sounds very strange!

    People usually say "Tengo una llamada perdida tuya" (I have a ______ yours)

    PS: I though that this was usual in other countries! haha (to ring someone and no pay... for something, for example if you have a date and he/she is taking a long time)
  28. Venaman Member

    Near Zaragoza
    castellano de España
    Quisiera añadir que una llamada perdida no se hace solo por no gastar... Yo tengo llamadas gratis con mi móvil al de mi esposa y cuando salgo de viaje si llego tarde a mi destino le hago una perdida para que sepa que he llegado y no molestarla más ni hacerle perder sueño, solo que se quede tranquila de que el viaje a ido bien.

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