1. foxy7 New Member

    Croatia, croatian
    Hola, yo soy nueva! Vive en Zagreb,Croatia y tengo un problema! I'm learning spanish only 1 year and till now didn't have any opportunity to use it, hope to have it on this forum:D my question: yesterday on my spanish class we asked our teacher to tell us some of dirty frases or words on spanish! she told us on spanish but she didn't translated it!
    Ok, here it is...Hacer pajaro! I know meanings of these two words but don't have any idea what could that be....probably something with sex?!:confused:
  2. Nuwanda Senior Member

    ¿No será hacerse una paja? It is when men have sex by themselves.-
  3. Mariwel Senior Member

    Spanish Spain (Madrid)
    Probably it was hacer una paja and it has to do with sex, but I don´t know how it is called in English, sorry. In Spanish it is masturbarse (much more formal)
  4. Mariwel Senior Member

    Spanish Spain (Madrid)
    Pero hacerse una paja es para hombres. Para mujeres se dice hacerse un dedo, con perdón
  5. ernest_

    ernest_ Senior Member

    Catalan, Spain
    hacerse una paja = to have a wank (moderately offensive)
  6. Don Esteban Senior Member

    English, USA
    ¿No puede ser que el profe dijo "ser pajaro"? pajaro, maricon, etc...Los Dominicanos usan la palabra "pajaro" muchisimo.
  7. Mariwel Senior Member

    Spanish Spain (Madrid)
    Ah, pues no lo había oido nunca con ese sentido. "Nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más"
  8. foxy7 New Member

    Croatia, croatian
    gracias! you've been very helpfull! in croatia we have a similar frase "baciti majmuna u nesvjest" in english: dash the monkey, I don't know how to tell it in spanish:) but I will learn!
  9. jsurriga New Member

    english , usa
    es como decir " punyetarse" , perdon. o se puede decir halarse por los hombres
  10. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    It means to "jerk off" or "masterbate" (men)
  11. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    Hacer una paja (rather than hacerse) means to masturbate someone other than yourself.
  12. islander21 New Member

    SPAIN / English
    It is very easy, actually. HACER UNA PAJA = MASTURBATION. It can apply to both men and women (and hopefully is good for everyone). If you do it yourself on your own it is HACERSE UNA PAJA. If you do it to another individual (male or female) es HACER UNA PAJA. Tell your teacher to teach you more modern spanish vocabulary. This is getting old.... good luck!

    In real life, these things don't really need translation. Who cares?. Body language is excellent for this type of situations
  13. Fantasmagórico

    Fantasmagórico Senior Member

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Uruguayan Spanish
    Interesting, although I don't understand the exact meaning of this expression.
    The reference to monkeys catched my attention, because in my country, a very common way of saying "to masturbate" is: "hacerse la del mono"... hard for me to translate, but it is something like "doing to oneself the monkey thing", or "doing to oneself what the monkey does".
  14. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Yes Fantas, we have "spanking the monkey".
    Here you have some alternatives.
    Wow, foxy7 is from Zagreb. If you read the name backwards, wouldn´t you think about doing the nasty?
  15. Fantasmagórico

    Fantasmagórico Senior Member

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Uruguayan Spanish
    Thank you, Moritzchen.
    But I understand that "monkey" in this case is not the animal, it's just a name given to the sexual organ, right?
    Thank you for the link!
    It never occurred to me to read "Zagreb" backwards, but you're right. Not as suggestive as Conchillas in Uruguay, Pelotas in Brazil or Cojedes in Venezuela, however.
  16. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Sí fantas, es el órrrgano...
  17. ninahhh Senior Member

    usa english
    well this dominican used something different el dijiste;;; haste una paja en mi nombre... what does that mean?

    he also said comerte ese bocota..... y te pongo a mamarmelo

    please tell me this was not x-rated:eek:

  18. belén

    belén Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    It is actually quite X-rated :rolleyes:

    Hazte una paja en mi nombre means something like: Masturbate on my behalf
    Comerte esa bocota means: (I will) eat this mouth of yours
    Te pongo a mamármelo means: I'll have you suck it (obvious what the subject here would be)
  19. ninahhh Senior Member

    usa english
    :eek: oh my freakin goodness!!:rolleyes: figures
  20. mt2sea Senior Member

    Seattle, WA, USA
    US English
    Hi. I know this thread is a little old so I hope it's OK for me to add to it (I'm pretty new to this cool forum). I am more familiar with the Spanish of Spain. I thought I had heard this expression as "echarse una paja", but everywhere I look I only see "hacerse una paja". Is it possible to say it either way or am I just crazy? Gracias de antemano! :)
  21. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    In Spain they say "hacerse una paja."
    In Mexico they say "hacerse una puñeta."

  22. yemsiri

    yemsiri Member

    Cuba español
    At the moment this thread is even older but it was now when I saw it, I don´t known if you already know the answer to your question but I´ll tell you any way.
    You can say it both ways, I guess it just depends on the country.
  23. felipe555 Member

    I would like to add, that in Chile we use this phrase
    For example, you may say: "pajearse" (as a verb) instead of "hacer/hacerse una paja". I think is more natural.

    I hope that I can help :)
    Best wishes to everyone, I always read wordReference :) very good forum

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