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    :) Un Atento Saludo a toda la Comunidad y a contribuyentes que hacen posible día a día este foro!

    Me gustaría traducir la siguiente frase para solicitar una reserva de Hotel:

    Me complace dirigirme a ustedes para informarle de mi interés en reservar una habitación individual para la fecha del 14-19 de Octubre. Aguardo su favorable respuesta!

    Muchas Gracias por la atención prestada!

    Reciba un saludo!
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  2. FromPA

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    USA English
    Tal perífrasis es poco común en inglís. Diría ¨I would like to make a reservation for an single room from October 14th through the 19th. Would you please let me know if you have a room available.¨
  3. Natasha_ghost New Member

    Spanish - spain
    Delante de consonante no se escribe an sino a --> a single room. Y al final de la última frase, después de available, va una interrogación.
    Add, el final, agradeciendo una pronta respuesta sería: I hope hearing from you as soon as possible.
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  4. alacant

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    Alicante, Spain
    England, english
    Or in UK english "I would like to reserve a single room from the 14th of October until the 19th. I look forward to receiving confirmation of the reservation in the near future."

    With best regards,

    Espero haberte ayudado, alacant
  5. FromPA

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    Philadelphia area
    USA English
    ¨A single room¨ is correct, but to avoid ambuguity, it might be better to say ¨a single-occupancy room.¨ As to the question mark, I had considered adding it because the sentence is in the form of a question, but because the sentence wasn´t intended as a question but rather as a polite command, I opted to omit it. It´s probably safer (more technically correct) to include it.

    Actually, I like Alacant´s suggestion better.
  6. alacant

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    Alicante, Spain
    England, english
    Thank you, PA.

    I wouldn't recommend single occupancy room, because they might think you want a "double for single occupancy", often requested to hotels by business people who want more room than a single room usually provides, and a bigger bed of course.

    Cheers, alacant
  7. silvia fernanda

    silvia fernanda Senior Member

    I coincide with Ala,
  8. Natasha_ghost New Member

    Spanish - spain

    I agree
  9. Vioviooo New Member

    I'd try this: I would like to book a single room form October 14th to October 19th. I would like to receive their answer as soon as posible.
    With best regrets, Thank a lot for your attention
  10. Sunshine on Leith Senior Member

    Spain's Spanish
    It is not the usual way to express it but I thought at least I would correct some grammar/spelling mistakes.

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