hacerse acreedor de - el conductor se hizo acreedor de una multa

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  1. Estoy buscando una palabra que indique que una persona merece obtener alguna cosa, por ejemplo:
    El conductor se hizo acreedor a una multa.
    The driver was creditor of a fine. or: The driver was creditor to a fine.
    ¿Está bien esta palabra o aplica otra?
    Gracias por iluminar mi entendimiento :)
  2. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    The driver deserved a fine.
    Nunca he oído creditor con el sentido que usted le quiere dar.
  3. Muchas gracias Filis Cañís, había pensado ya en la palabra deserve y la descarté porque me pareció incompleta. Gracias de nuevo por su apoyo :)
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  5. Thank you fgetz, and I apologize for this note until today. Would you believe me that after a year of being a member of WR Forums I'm just starting to know how to use them? I'm a little bit slow at understanding how technology works :eek:
    Thank you again.
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    It depends on if you are trying to say the taxi driver had to pay the fine. If the taxi driver has to pay the fine, he is subject to the fine, or liable for the fine. If the taxi driver did something very wrong, like crash into another car, then you can also say that he deserved the fine for not paying attention to the road while driving.:eek:

    Deserved is "merecer."

    When someone owes money they are a debtor, and the person they owe money to the creditor. So if I have a credit-card to shop at Wal-Mart then I am the debtor and Wal-Mart is the creditor.

    I hope this helps.
  7. crystyna New Member

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  8. fenixpollo

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    Otra posibilidad: The driver earned himself a fine.

    Esta frase es coloquial y sugiere que el conductor hizo algo para recibir una multa, o que se mereció la multa.
  9. hermenator

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    Coincido con Fgetz, "was subject to a fine". O si lo quieres decir de manera más coloquial, puedes usar "got a fine". Pero, me voy con la primera.


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