had a great deal

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    Hello everybody,

    I have real trouble translating this sentence into French... Could you please help me?

    To judge from the size of the place, this Palace of Green Porcelain had a great deal more in it than a Gallery of Paleontology.

    Here is my attempt :

    A en juger par la taille de l'endroit, ce palace de porcelaine verte avait une valeur plus grande a l'interieur qu'une galerie de paleontologie.

    (desole pour les accents je suis sur un clavier allemand)
    This translation looks really bad, I do not know exactly what is the meaning of "deal" here.

    This sentence is from a George Wells' book.
    The narrator discovers a huge new place with many skeletons. this place must have been empty for a while becaue everything in it is thick with dust.
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    a greal deal more than a = beaucoup plus qu'un

    eg: abrite beaucoup plus qu'une galerie de paleontologie
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    Achso ok !!!
    Thanks a lot :)

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